Monday, April 02, 2007

Screw The Cameras


If insurance industry consultants, patients, physicians, attorneys and judges can agree that there is a problem that needs fixing, it should be fairly easy to design better tools. For example, one could make FCE testing more realistic by extending its duration from two hours to four, and by bringing the patient back to repeat the testing over several consecutive days. There’s a downside risk, of course: Some patients will become much worse, perhaps irreversibly. However, that risk could be limited by close medical monitoring, both during and after each test. Insurance company staff should accompany the patient home and/or check in with them by phone at intervals. To ensure the accuracy of their reports, patients might agree to keep a camera in their home or a radio location surveillance device on their person for several days.

For what OTHER disease would one be expected to be surveilled to be believed?

Maybe they ought to figure out a way to do blood tests for genetic markers and all that neat SCIENCE_Y kinda stuff real doctors are supposed to do, rather than relying on Orwellian/Kafka-esque techniques.... Jump through hoops on camera you unlucky person you...

I know that they are trying to help- but please- insurance companies already surveil people to their DISADVANTAGE, so why should we trust them now?

This is a VERY BAD IDEA.

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