Saturday, March 24, 2007

Big Brother and On Star - Or why I do not want a new car....

Effect Measure#more

Funny thing that other people just happen to have the same healthy fear of government that I have- though we live in different parts of the world. Mine has something to do with the government doing something illegal when it linked information from one agency to another agency about 10 or so years ago. As well, the push for governments to be involved in "health choices" amd penalizing people for lifestyle factors makes me wonder when people will get fucked up the butt when they figure out their genetic profiles suck. Oh, and the schools insistence on knowing what the youngest child eats is annoying- thankfully the kid spoke up so I only had to say "hurrah"---- except for the fact that the kid had to do a study hall, it was all good. As the kid told the teacher- It really is our parent's decision and responsibility as to what we eat.

Yes!!!! That would be the person I wish to be, speaking in the child's body!!!

And I do wish to know more about the NTSB looking at ted light cameras and broken necks, as my municipality is about to use those bitches as speed recorders as well. Which means that if you speed through a red light you get a big fat ticket, and if you don't you get a broken neck. And since our government legislated a four thousand dollar cap on injury claims, the insurers of the people that hit the people in front of them will be scot free and that just pisses me off.


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