Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wow- K**ser and Lyme Cover-ups...

Whenever anyone tells me that private medical insurance is better than public, I tell them they are trading one set of problems for another.

The problem here is that in order to not pay out to their clients,Kaiser just made up their own rules on what constitutes Lyme Disease.

Do I believe that governments are incapable of that kind of lunacy? No, the NHS in Britain has Simon Wessely, a psychiatrist, as their Lyme Disease expert. His trick is to blame the patient, and then the governement pays very little compared to what they would if they had to pay out for tests and the like. It looks like he would be in agreement with Kaiser. He is not an infectious disease specialist. (I beleive he had one year of education in infectious disease- BUT THAT DOES NOT A SPECIALIST MAKE!!) He is not a neurologist. He is someone who prescribes Paxil and exercise and if the patient is still not doing well they are malingerers with medically unexplained symptoms who deserve nothing.

Understand that there are two "books" on Lyme - one that essentially limits the scope and time frame that Lyme is recognized under, and one in which it is recognized as a possible chronic illness. The treatment guidelines are very different as are the diagnostic tests. All things I have been unaware of for all of Dr. Crippen's discussions on this illness. One is much cheaper than the other to pay for IF the patient is sick....

Neat. If only I could wave my magic wand and make free money and screw people up the ass at the same time!!


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