Monday, February 20, 2006

Bugs and Babies Brains


So, by know you know the drill. Things that we cannot imagine, because they just have not been able to be tested before, are finally being proven. SOme mental illness is in fact bug based. Serotonin is depleted in some conditions. (I think I sound like a anti-science freak right now- real diseases THEY don't want you to know about. Give me five hundred bucks, and I'll supply with a lifetime of information. muhahaha...)

Really- this is a bookmark for me, but it is a bit of information that is relevant to my thesis that mental illness , or what we see as deviance, is not necessarily something that a person has control over. Can you imagine how horrified that first guy must have felt after he was SANE again? And how fortunate he was not to have lived in a time where rest cures, talk therapy and institutionalization and lobotomies were the cure of the day?


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