Saturday, February 18, 2006

This Article Makes Me Puke (First award)

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"Chronic Pain and the Family" by Leslie F. Martel PhD., is an example of the most horrible sort of writing about pain and families out there. It is truly vile. Basically, pain becomes an outward symbol of the family's inner dysfunction, OR it is a way for people to manipulate each other, or it is just a way to drop out of life. While I am sure there are sick people out there that can manipulate any system they are in- work, family, church, and Glee Club, I honestly do not believe that the majority of people in pain or their families have any psychological issues that need to be dealt with any more than regular folk. But, if you can medicalize it, sicken it etc... then you can get paid to fix things that don't need to be fixed, and ignore the things that do. I ranted to NCPOA about this article when I first found it and got a very sympathetic email back from the poor woman there, and I kind of felt bad. This kind of stuff does not help people though- it makes themn feel worse because they then have to worry about their mental health, their relationships, and all that other stuff that should be not looked into by any psych professional unless it is found that the caregiver is beating on the person or something else dangerous. This speculative systems theory crap in this context is what I call bullshit.

FYI This is the part that made me ballistic!!!

The founder of general systems theory, Ludwig Von Bertalanffy, noted that "system sickness is system rigidity." It is essential that the family examine the patterns that have developed as a result of one of their members being in long-standing chronic pain. Has the family become "frozen" in their roles? Is there room for change that would improve the quality of life for all concerned? When a member of the family system develops chronic pain and it becomes clear that the problem is indeed chronic, the family will usually reorganize in a way that allows it to keep functioning as a family unit. Once the reorganization of roles and the shift in power has occurred, there is a distinct tendency for this new order to he maintained. For example, Mr. X, who was responsible for working 40 hours a week, taking care of household maintenance and household bills, was relieved of these responsibilities during a long and difficult bout with chronic pain. He may be unaware that he has now adapted to a life free of these responsibilities. When he attempts to handle bills, he finds that, for some reason, he experiences more pain. His wife, who is quite caring and solicitous and solicitous of him, assures him that she can handle these tasks.

You know what- how they choose to handle things is completely their call. They are ADULTS, not in the care of an institution. Am I to be castigated because as a completely normal chick, I refuse to do bills. I hate them I avoid them and I put them off. What is it that is wrong with me? Maybe it is my childhood. Maybe I am sexually repressed. Or maybe, the reality is there is too much month left at the end of the money. Do I muddle through and deal with it. Of course. Does hubby do a way better job than me- yes.

I think this article is up for my weekly THIS ARTICLE MAKES ME PUKE award.


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