Monday, February 20, 2006

Freud is an Idiot- But why don't you look for yourself?

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I hate Freud. I hate him. He was a pissant creepy horrible little man that blew off women especially with his ideas that all illness was an unresolved attempt to make up for not going after what we really wanted- which was sick sexual relationships. Unresolved longings my ASS. More like bugs and inflammation- but this made him way more money. I am reading a book called The History of Psychiatry, or somesuch title, and it is infuriating as well. Silas Weir Mitchell was another freak who liked to manipulate women. This is no different than religion to me- it is a way to gain power over someone else. And keep it.

Why do I hate psychotherapy so much- Two examples. One- a counsellor I went to once had never even met the person I was complaining about, and yet was willing, on the basis of gender only, to say I was perfect and they were not. Another counsellor tried to hypnotize me during a session- at a CHRISTIAN counselling agency nonetheless. I pretended to be hypnotized, left and never went back. To me all the tea in China was not worth the possibility that someone else could even attempt to control my actions for even one minute without my consent.

A third example involves cancer and warts being able to be healed by the mind. To my mind this is the most insulting thing I have heard. I know people who would have loved to control their cancer with any available means, including their minds if it had to be- who died anyway. How dismissive of their attempts to sustain life.

This from an insurance company psychologist who I was extremely angry at for a long time. That anger spurred me to investigate ALL their claims, and I found that the foundation for their clinic rests on shaky ground if real medicine was to ever get a toe-hold into that organization.

It probably won't. But I can dream, and take small steps that could maybe make a difference. If I ever have to deal with them again- I will argue the lies. I did last summer, and it meant that I did not have to deal with bad drug side effects. The nurse was annoyed, but too fucking bad. She is NOT a doctor, and she has NO authority unless stupid people give it to her. She is a bitch when crossed, however.


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