Monday, February 20, 2006

Glial cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Glial cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Glia are implicated in the transmission of pain- something unheard of before, as it was thought they could not signal the way that neurons could. Not so. They along with pro-inflammatory cytokines are responsible for maintaining chronic pain states in organisms. I refer again to the SLACKER OR SICK article that can be googled, as this is where my investigation into cytokine involvement in pain started. Then...well then I kept looking, and I contacted people for information, and then I read some more. The most interesting thing I have found is how glia are ramped up by the addition of morphine, which ratchets up the pro inflammatory cytokine response...which makes a person need more morphine to get the same very limited relief. THEY REALLY ARE NOT ADDICTS!! They have a biological response which now can be proven, happening in their body. Shame on all those people who make people in pain feel bad for trying to find relief. And thank goodness there are researchers interested in truth, not psychobabble. Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me if I heard from some idiot that we could control glial response with our minds. Just think better- I THINK I CAN< I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN...and over there is the Tooth Fairy and the Ogo Pogo, boys and girls.....

Enough said- or my head is going to pop off!


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