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Guidelines on science and health communication

Guidelines on science and health communication

Here is an excellent explanation as to how to decode a health paper. In these days when people are looking at the efficacy of prayer and all that other stuff that seems to be debunked, it is a very good primer for those who have questions as to how to judge the merits of a particular study.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Autism's smoking gun? Mirror Neurons

Macleans Science | Your brain on mirror neurons: a slapshot to the head

Science and Reason: Mirror neurons

Cells That Read Minds - New York Times

Cells That Read Minds - New York Times

I wrote in Cosmic Variance that morality is a function of biology. Here is an excellent article on mirror neurons and the role they play in allowing us to imiate and plan behaviours based on the actions and responses of others in our kin group.

Is morality static. No. Are religions static- no. So why do uber religious people seem to think that morality and religion are their domain, and that it is implacable? There are numerous examples of the Church changing its mind on moral and social issues. One is the participation of Black people in American society as free men. Up until this was turned over by court of law and by public opinion, black people were seen as inferior. Slaves were held in the bible, so it was accepted that this was okay to do- until public pressure changed it from an economic issue to an issue of self determination of all peoples in the land.

I am so out of my element discussing this, only because I have real life stuff on my mind. So I will leave this for now, and maybe return to this in depth at another time.

We�re creeping up on you | Cosmic Variance

The Voyage of Captain Obvious

The Voyage of Captain Obvious

A blogger that replied on another blog- about morality and biology.

The New Medicine- a critique PART ONE

PBS Previews The New Medicine

PBS just ran this special tonite, so I have been watching it and taking notes- ten pages. I will rewatch it to correct quotes and comments I have made in a later post, or this one.

My first reaction is that Dana Reeve was not the best person to host this. My next thought is she was. Because according to the people that are involve in this kind of medicine, being restored as a WHOLE person, not just being made well, is what is important. SO if you are a doctor it is win win. It isn't about the people you save as much anymore as it is about the people you have "touched". Ummm... Maybe I have a different take on this, but I certainly want to be fixed as opposed to fiddled with. I would prefer that you put your effort into what is wrong with me physically. My friends and family can take care of the rest. My stress will not go away just because of a mindfulness meditation, nor will hubby's back pain go away with a dose of yoga.

But I digress. I want to do this in as orderly fashion as possible, so, I wanted to start with the major source of funding for this program- Web Md. I thought that was interesting, only because it gives the layperson a bit of a heads up as to what the philosophy of Web Md might be. They are obviously very CAM friendly. If you do not see the value of CAM, this information might be useful as you look for information about your particular condition.

The start to this show called illness a "great teacher". Now, personally I do not subscribe to that way of thinking. I think that being ill only teaches me how much it sucks to be ill. I hearken back to my experience with C. Diff last year, and I think that the lesson learned there was stay the hell out of the hospital if you are on antibiotics. Otherwise you could get really nasty ass sick and possibly die. Other than that it was not a great teacher. I was bored, I was angry and I was ticked off that I was not at work. I was also thankful that FINALLY I was on contract and had sick days covered. It was not pleasant or psychologically or spiritually uplifting. I do not know why we are so enamored of the idea that everything we go through should make us better human beings. I don't believe that most people think this is true. Unfortunately, there is a very loud subset of individuals who are propagating this little meme, and I think it needs to be qualified. It should not be assumed that we all learn from illness, but that some CHOOSE to make this a learning experience. I digress.

The next little bit of information that was extrapolated upon was that health and well being are predicated on our emotional state, and that Hope, the chimera, influences physical health. Umm...


This was the first hour of the program. We meet a young mother who has no amniotic fluid for her baby to live in. Delivering after one week is normal for this condition. Tracy Gaudet, MD is talking about having seen "miracles" happen, and she is trying to reassure Tammy that while the odds are not in her favour, her attitude can help. Stress adversely impacts the immune system. Lots of stress will probably lead to an early labour, so they are going to teach her stress management techniques AND use antibiotics, to stop premature labour and fight infection. The biochemistry of stress is discussed, with the effects of adrenaline and cortisone being touched upon. Excess cortisol suppresses the immune system so if they can lower the stress they can lower the risk of infection. Dr. Gaudet then leads Tammy in an exercise where she encourages her to take a mind vacation so that Tammy's mind and body get relief. (Do stress hormones induce labour? That is just my question.)

They discussed the 20th century mind/body split in medicine...They also did point out that PHYSICAL DISEASE CAN AFFECT YOUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH (Remember Slacker or Sick). Then the Glaser wound healing study was discussed. The not stressed out control group healed nine days sooner than the stressed out caregivers of an Alzheimers patient. A lumbar disc surgery patient was introduced, and it was interesting to see that his insurance company, Blue Shield, had shelled out 17 dollars for a Guided Imagery tape for him to listen to before the operation. The tape was meant to reassure the patient that his surgeons and caregivers were competent and he would be fine. Apparently BS had done a trial and found out that this 17 dollar investment saved them 2 grand in drugs and hospital costs per patient.

The docs on this show were so eager to point out that these examples were outside our current paradigm of knowledge and expectations. Gary Walco, a pediatric pain doc says that if you dichotomize pain as only physiological or psychological- You're Dumb! We meet 13 year old Helene who after a mild flu like illness has continued to experience major pain. He asks her if her pain is stabbing, fearful(WTF?) and a lot of other words, and then asks if she ever has any relief. She says no. He tells the camera that pain is controlling her, she is not controlling the pain. Then we meet a great example of someone who is willing to control his pain- 18 year old Matthew who has CP. He participates in a relax session then gets hypnotized. (Self hypnosis techniques were found to have some effect on A GROUP OF KIDS in a hospital setting. We are not privy to which group of kids, why they were hypnotizable.) We found out in this section that ALL PAIN IS PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL AND ALL PAIN IS EXPERIENCED AND MODULATED IN THE which my child told me to write bull crap beside this, so I am. Chronic pain leads to frustration, and mental distress makes pain worse. Patients with RA are shown taking part in a mindfulness meditation breathing training technique which will help lessen fear and anxiety. Relaxation techniques for pain include meditation, yoga excercise and prayer. Some people may just want to read a book or lie on the beach. Not every way works for everyone, and even each individual has ways that work better than others at different times in their life. (All the bases are covered if things don't work out). When Tammy, the pregnant lady, hits a low spot, this is seen as To Be Expected.

I will sign off now, I am only on page four and it is an hour after I started. AAACK!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Alternative Medicine and Medline

SRAM Editorial

I had no idea how much stuff on Medline was biased towards SCAM tecniques....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

'Evolution and the Dinosaurs.' This cassette reveals that dinosaurs didn't die off--they're still alive today!

Just Put On a Happy Face

New Statesman - Economy - The cult of cheerfulness

Got no job, no prospects? Your injury is not getting better? Don't worry, be happy...

Okay- and never ever ever let on that you are pissed at the hand life dealt you, because otherwise you are doomed. Doomed I say.

Buck up, and think of a few of your favorite things.

Let a smile be your umbrella, on a rainy rainy day...

Yeah- Fuck off!! I love these songs, I even sing them to the kids, but sometimes, I just say screw it and start sining Run To The Hills, before I go into meltdown phase.

But the Big E says it way better than I do. So here goes...


"Right now," notes Barbara Ehrenreich, "America is in the grip of a cult of cheerfulness, which I first became aware of five years ago when I was being treated for breast cancer. I was launched into this pink-riven culture back then. There is this sense that if you just have a positive attitude you can control your circumstances entirely, which is an idea that has no scientific basis at all: there is no evidence that positive people are more likely to survive cancer, for instance. And, in this culture, you can never be angry. Even if something terrible has happened, you have to put on a smiley face."

Exorcism Application

Exorcism Application

Yes- fill out the form, be a cheerful giver (or a cheque giver, as one of my loved ones calls it) and they will get back to you in a timely manner. No joke....they have had 23,528 visitors to this page so far. You can also leave a toll free message if necessary.

The best part is that you can be exorcised over the phone or go to Florida. I would choose the latter, because then I could visit family. A bit more expensive, but totally worth it. A tan, a visit with those I love, and delivered from the Devil- perfect vacation.

Okay- time to get off my high horse and go find someone else to pick on.

My Demon Named Confusion

Bob Larson Ministries - Newsletter

This sorcery went back to Scandinavian ancestors who made a blood covenant with the goddess Ishtar. After the exorcism was over, Donald revealed that he was a seminary student and youth pastor in a congregation in another state. I prayed the calling on Donald's life would now spring forth in greater measure

So how do you make a blood covenant with an imaginary goddess? In the Fundamentalist Christian Environment I marinated in- these were FALSE GODS-----They did not exist. So how do you make a BLOOD covenant with an invisible entity?

Maybe if I just exorcise my demon named Confusion and replace it with the Spirit Of Gullibility I will understand.

The Devil Is Big Business and Bob is Good

Google Groups : alt.prophecies.nostradamus

Yeah- the mansions and nice cars are definitely a good sign that exorcism is a growth industry.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I Believe There Are Idiots Among Us... Sorry Alabama!!

Bob Larson Ministries

Okay- So I made my kid stay home tonite until I saw what was promised on Anderson Cooper. And what a great time it was. SOme IDIOT named Bob Larson who was casting out demons from people, for money in what looked like hotel banquet rooms.

According to this religious person, half of Americans are infested with demons. And the woman who they showed having her demon cast out had previously hosted demons in her person on three other occasions. Yeah- I remember these stories now. I was fourteen or fifteen, and we had some freakola come to our SCHOOL and talk to us about how he had been demon possessed, and now he wasn't. Then he got into the harrowing details- he had a double that everyone thought was him, he did drugs, he was part of a coven- yada yada yada. I don't think they sacrificed babies in his coven, but that was discussed as an option for witches to do on their way through life. As well, women were forced to have babies so that the witches and warlocks would have someone to sacrifice during the spring/summer/fall/winter solstices. (Apparently the Republicans want to do the same in a lot of the states- force women to have babies and then some of these babies born to poor women can just slowly starve to death, or go get blown up in some foreign country so that they can feed their families...)

Nasty of me, and I apologize.

Now back to the demon possession story. One of my family members actually believes this hooey. He also believes in aliens, ghosts and Creationism- but as I always say- to each his own. Oh, no, that would be someone else that says that- I just call him an idiot. Anywhoo, he went to this school many years after I went there, and wasn't exposed to most of the really far out stuff, so I have no idea why he buys this. He does, and he thinks that exorcism is a valuable tool.

Yeah- and I have a bridge to sell.

These are the same kind of folks that accused people all over the states and Canada of raping and sodomizing and murdering and torturing small children at daycares and such places. SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE it was called. They ruined peoples lives with their fervour, their stories of elaborate tunnels and rituals( )they manipulated children with questionable interviewing techniques, and people everywhere bought into this shit. (Geraldo Rivera fed the fire then, and I hope that Anderson Cooper doesn't follow in his footsteps.) Even then I thought it was a bit strange that no-one could actually corroborate with physical evidence that these horrible things had happened. But since the convenient excuse was that Satan was involved, it was inferred that Satan and his minions must have had the power to hide the evidence from mortal eyes. Yeah- about that bridge- could you take a wild leap please?

Now, I have no problem with people wanting to say that the Devil made them do it in the privacy of their own little bunch of idiots. That excuse is right up there with my dog eating my homework! I do have a problem that not only are religious Protestant fundamentalists taking this seriously, but now I hear the guys in Italy are doing the same- training more exorcists. Are the Muslims next? DO they have a similar belief? Is this what we will replace medicine and other rational human endeavours with- a belief in invisible battles being fought inside the bodies of people? Will we see a rise in people self diagonosing illness as demons? Will mental illness once again be stigmatized as being a result of being possessed?

Are we so stupid as a society that we have to believe in fairy tales of epic proportions in order to get through our days?

On another tangent- according to Wikepedia, Bob Larson has been married twice and as recently as the early 00's, he was embroiled in a romantic scandal or three, involving women he worked with. Is this what a man of GOD is supposed to behave like? Or is this what a clever, money hungry sociopathic personality does? Bends the rules of morality for himself, and then goes and preys upon the fears of others for monetary gain? The clip in Anderson Cooper said he wasn't making money, per se, but he was using what he collected to train other freaks of nature to perform exorcisms.

Yeah- that is one of the reasons I think that religion is misused and abused. It is also why I cannot abide gullible people. Or people that don't read more than church sanctioned materials.

Google this guy to see what other idiocy he is up to in the world. Check out his website. Read it and weep. The idiots are out n full force and I am reliving the 1980's. F*$ing Ay!!

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Somebody Blog Rolled ME!!!!

Yeah yeah- it happens all the time to other to other people, but it just happened to me!! Which is cool. It must have been a reaction to a post on Creationism, or something I wrote on Pharyngula, because the comment I got led me to and the kid/monkey song post.

So thank you Farr Ago, and know when my kid who knows HTML gets home I will corral her and add my links, of which you will be one.

This is a pretty cool day!!!

Pipeline Insight: Neuropathic Pain - Pipeline Drugs Fail to Nail Neuropathic Pain

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Science and Disease...How To Make Science Palatable

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blogthings - How Evil Are You?

Blogthings - How Evil Are You?: "***You Are 40% Evil***

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

How Evil Are You?"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


No Se Nada

No Se Nada: "Skookum PLanet"

Afarensis: Evolution of Voltage Gated Sodium Channels

Saturday, March 18, 2006

'American Theocracy,' by Kevin Phillips - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times

'American Theocracy,' by Kevin Phillips - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times

How interesting. I was just commenting to my mom today about how I absolutely hated the religious right's focus on the Rapture and how, in my very small and unimportant opinion, I felt that it led to the situation we now have in the world. I talked about my horror that a relative LOVED Bush a few years ago, and supported his war in Iraq. This person is irreligious, anti-religious if you will- and I could never understand how anyone like that could be sucked in by an obviously overly religious leader.

The yelling has stopped, the arguments no longer happen, because I was right. Th religious right has shown their hand. They have allowed faith based programs, their lies have been uncovered in regards to Iraq and Al-Quaeda, and peace reigns only in my home. I would not give up trying to expose this government for what it was, a bunch of Rapturists convinced they were fulfilling Gods Prophecy so that Jesus could take them away. Slowly but surely I have been proven correct in my revulsion toward this belief system.

My experience with this kind of religion in my formative years has shaped me, sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad. I have a hard time not hating them for the horror movies A THIEF IN THE NIGHT and A DISTANT THUNDER that were inflicted on us- the sick sick movies that they made us watch and then had a convenient altar call after- which to me seemed to show that religion was a protection for the individual, and if YOU believed then YOU would be saved. A bit selfish in my estimation. Of course being thirteen and scared I tried to believe- but I never ever felt truly protected or good enough. It didn't help that my peers questioned me at every turn to examine myself to make sure I was saved.

Well, my teenage years were a bit turbulent because of this. I had a fear of God- but it never did me much good. I left my religious school because I was tired of being judged as inferior, and having friends of "lesser" protestant and Catholic denominations leave because their faith was not as valid as Baptists or Pentecostals or Alliance Church people. I was Lutheran, and infant baptism was not seen as a good thing. Confirmation was just a social construct, and it didn't mean much to them either.

I remember going to prayer meetings at people's houses. I remember leaving one very quickly and then collapsing with laughter a block away because I could not reconcile the Holier than Thou attitudes of my friends with who they were one on one. Speaking in tongues, dancing to Jesus songs, laying on of hands and discussing burning records and hearing Satan's voice just creeped me out. Urban legends abounded about people being possessed by the Devil. Each church or organization had its very own member who attested to babysitting a child, praying with them, and having the kids mom phone them the next day, demanding to know exactly what they did to the kid. Then the kicker- the mother was a witch and her powers had been altered. Usually the woman was a -gasp- single mother- and NEVER was it a father who was a witch.

The girls in my school who had chests were persecuted for having - well chests. They were routinely sent home to change their clothes, because they were too revealing. Anyone attending the school who had irreligious parents were told that their parents were going to hell and that it was the kids responsibility to change their parents and save them. If you were in an abusive situation you were told to read Proverbs and pray. I remember a girl being beat by her dad when he found out she might be pregnant- everone knew about it but no-one would discuss it or call the authorities.

If you were of the chosen faith, it was better. You got a free pass to drink wear sexy clothes and have sex, only because of your parent's influence.

If you had no parents to influence anything, you were kicked out.

Every once in a while a person would come back after a seminar saying that an acclaimed preacher had said Jesus would return on October 14 1983. Nobody thought to argue that this couldn't be true, because according to the Bible NOBODY knows the day or the hour of his return. Well, actually I did once and was met with a kind of attitude that somehow I just didn't have faith.

Not to say that I didn't learn anything. I did, as I took debating. Unfortunately debating was my undoing as it taught me to look at more than one side of an issue- which is something we were normally discouraged from doing. This skill has served me well, and the need to ask all questions relevant to an issue has allowed me to think about many things in different ways, and sustain my curiousity.

I do not know what the future of the USA will hold for those who believe in Jesus Immanent Return. I just know that for the rest of us it is hell on earth right now, as we try to look at environmental, financial and health issues through a lens not distorted by fanciful thoughts. And since those with the influence and powere hold these thoughts as self evident, we will be screwed, until they are defeated politically.

I am not holding my breath, as I know how tenaciously they will cling to power until their KING comes to rescue them from this evil but plunderable Earth.

"Just because you wear a seat belt doesn't mean you're seeking out an accident,"

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gets Injected With a Social Issue

I ranted at Aetiology today over how short sighted and stupid religious do-gooders can be. Here is a link to the Washington Post Article, and here is a link to the Aetiology post that I commented on. How people can say that now kids are going to have sex because they have a vaccine is beyond me. Kids, religious or not, have sex for a variety of reasons, the least of them being because they are SAFE due to a vaccine. People, abstinence IS the only way to prevent pregnancy, but it is not the only way to stop HPV infection. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH...

The Return of the Puppet Masters. The Loom: A blog about life, past and future

Neurophile: Is it just me or is this potentially revolutionary?

Neurophile: Is it just me or is this potentially revolutionary?

With all the mess going on with those volunteers in the TGN1412 study, it would be interesting to see if this has anything to do with the sudden explosion of immune system activity resulting in ICU stays....

Black Triangle � Blog Archive � TGN1412 round-up

Science and Reason: Mirror neurons

Ebon Musings: A Ghost in the Machine

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Muscle Tutorial

Spinal Cord Basics: Glossary | Christopher Reeve Foundation

Spinal Cord Basics: Glossary | Christopher Reeve Foundation: "Glia"

Gliosis and Scarring on the spinal cord.

ACh and Vasopressin and Urine output- WT Heck?

Neural Functioning: "muscle tone"

I had a question about peeing and pain-maybe this is a beginning of an answer??? Digging and Digging as always- The Most Popular Myths in Science

In Study, Heart Device Eases Migraines - New York Times

In Study, Heart Device Eases Migraines - New York Times

Since a goodest friend of thirty years almost- ulp- has migraines I think this is a good article, if only to let people know that some people with migraine are not drug seeking scum suckers, but people with a physiological basis for their very real pain. PFO is what Ariel Sharon had, before his stroke, and it is implicated in a good percentage of migrainers. Yeah- the psych freaks versus the REAL scientists....Freud loses again!!!

Far Out, Man. But Is It Quantum Physics? - New York Times

Far Out, Man. But Is It Quantum Physics? - New York Times

Orac on Respectful Insolence should be talking about this article.

Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy - New York Times

Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy - New York Times

Very interesting article about how genes in the fetus are impacted during pregnancy and after birth, and how fetuses compete with mothers for nutrients. How much of this might have to do with autoimmunity, if any?

Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy - New York Times

Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy - New York Times

Very interesting article about how genes in the fetus are impacted during pregnancy and after birth, and how fetuses compete with mothers for nutrients. How much of this might have to do with autoimmunity, if any?

Science and Reason: Brain Plays Key Role In Diabetes Therapy

Science and Reason: Brain Plays Key Role In Diabetes Therapy

I love to find out more about diabetes- there are a lot of people I know affected by it and the long term consequences are frightening. I have a motto that the more you know, the more prepared you are when reality smacks you upside the head with a suitcase.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Diabetes Blogs

Six Until Me.

A relly good blog and list of links to some Diabetes sites

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ocellated � Chickens with Teeth

Ocellated � Chickens with Teeth

Chickens and crocs related??? Cool!! I for one believe it. i HATED CHICKENS PECKING AT ME WHEN i WAS A KID TRYING TO GET EGGS, AND i WAS AFRAID OF THE REPTILE CROC THINGS MY DADS FRIEND HAD IN OUR GARAGE. I am too lazy to redo this, so it stays in caps.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Acetylcholine, Potassium channels and Glia and other stuff


I have been trying to figure out what ACh does to stop pain transmission and if it has effects on glia. It does something to pottassium channels, which is exciting, as National Geographics article last year on poison said whoever controls the potassium channels controls the world- the Holy Grail of the brain I think.

I want to have hubby do Botox, and the Insurance Company may cover it. That would be helpful. We just need to suggest it and then have someone else thik it is their idea. There is very little literature on sciatica and botox, but there is a teeny study that had good results. Would those results pan out over a large population? I would like to think so, but I need to wait.

So, this is another reference link for me, but it is an interesting article.

Glia, Cognition, GABA and Glutamate- oh and Depression too.....

The Other Brain Cell - Why Glia May Figure in Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Excess Glutamate upsets the glia and neurons. How do you make this stop?

Glia and Genius

The Other Half of the Brain

I was reading a book on Einstein's Brain today, and accidentally turned to a page that stunned me. A lady scientist that was looking at Einstein's brain was stuned to find that the glia were over-represented in his brain. She wanted to know if smarter rats had more glia. I think she found that out. This article talks about how neurons work on action potentials- electricity if you like- to transfer information. Glia work with CHEMICAL messages. This is important, because for years scientists dismissed glia as being important to cognition. They also missed its connection to pain. If this is true, then pain transmission could be more chemical than electrical, and needs a different drug to calm it down. Most pain relievers and anti- epileptics and anti-psychotics work on the neuronal theory of pain transmission- the Gate Theory. If it isn't a gate but more of a sideways message that spreads due to glial signalling, then more needs to be done in all these areas.

And by the way Gabapentin, Neurontin has NO AFFINITY for GABA receptors in the brain. All those people who told me it worked that way that have degrees and such were just plain wrong. I need to link to that information.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thomas K. Hughes, Jr., Ph.D.

Inflammatory Processes in Mental Illness

Scientists build on case connecting inflammatory disease and depression

Effect of Cytokines on Growth of Toxoplasma gondii in Murine Astrocytes -- Halonen et al. 66 (10): 4989 -- Infection and Immunity

Is There a Biologic Connection Between Inflammatory Disease and Depression?

Neuropathic pain drug trial

If it ducks like a quack.....

The Australian Council Against Health Fraud Inc

More reference on outlandishness.

The British Prescription- Magnet Therapy.....Ha Ha - Not so funny....

Cell Suicide Mechanisms- New Information

Anti-Aging Medicine & Science Blog

Scroll down for more reference material.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Hypericum Home Page - Cytokine Reference, Two-Volume Set (Individual Version), 1-2

Inflammation and Repair Lecture Handout

Inflammation and Repair Lecture Handout: "cachexia"

Reference material.

Cancer Cachexia and Cytokines----


Pulled this off the web after reading and researching a teeny bit about how TNF suppresses the appetite of people who are ill. So is this why the man does not eat any more? I mean the way he used to. He used to LOVE food- and now it is an obligatory thing you do because it is good for you. Nutrition and exertion are obviously linked- he does less so he needs more, but you know he really has changed.

The other thing- does the Topomax stuff increase TNF? Which would cause anorexia and a host of other things? Things that made me think today....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Circadiana: Circadian Clocks in Microorganisms

Cannibal Crickets Cause "Forced Marches" Through Crops, Study Says

Cannibal Crickets Cause "Forced Marches" Through Crops, Study Says

Cannibalism and Mormon crickets?? The good stuff is that there might be an answer, the bad is that these lil critters eat each other. Jiminy Cricket!!!

Time and a new kind ot therapy

Is Happiness Normal?

Early Risers Have Mutated Gene, Study Says

Maybe doctors really will start listening to their patients!!

Will Doctors Diagnose by Listening to Your Cells?

In a final experiment, the researchers shut off the fuel supply to the yeast cell, essentially killing it. Its response was the sound of death, a hissing sound like the white noise of a television with no reception.

In one experiment, the team put a drop of vodka on a yeast cell. It "screamed."

ScienceDaily: Newly Discovered Killer Cell Fights Cancer

ScienceDaily: Newly Discovered Killer Cell Fights Cancer

This is cool- an Natural Killer Cell that turns into a Dendritic Cell..... A Transformer of the immune system if you will.

Study Finds Nerve Damage In Previously Mysterious Chronic Pain Syndrome

Dr Weaselly

ChapmanCentral :: Wikipedia and Wesselygate

THings that make you go HMMM...And another person I would like to whap upside the head!! Meet Dr. WESSLEY and his band of evil men....

Friday, March 03, 2006

In support of legal action....

Job title: Trainee Clinical Fatigue Therapist

Job title: Trainee Clinical Fatigue Therapist

This is almost as special as the INSURANCE COMPANY advertisement for a doctor- and the best thing about this job was you didn't have to deal with patients. HUH????

The Mental Health Movement: Persecutiuon of Patients?

ME: Who is Attacking Whom? By Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams

Those who cannot be fitted into a scheme of objective bodily illness yet refuse to be placed into and accept the stigma of mental illness remain the u


This is a post from Honey who has ME/CFS and who is passionate that she be seen as organically ill not psychiatrically ill. In here she discusses the secondary gains that psychologist types get from keeping chronic illnesses somatic in scope.

US Research Shows How Mantrams Can Even Tackle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

US Research Shows How Mantrams Can Even Tackle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder does this horse crapola even get funded???

Healing Journey Program - Publication

Functional means not organic?

Edward Shorter interview - From Paralysis to Fatigue

And if you look functional up online, it certainly does mean not organic. So is this the basis for the Functional Rehab Programs- to make a faker function? Interesting.

Psychological Aspects of Persistent Pain: Current State of the Science

Psychological Aspects of Persistent Pain: Current State of the Science

Again- This to mee seems a little bit looped. Click on the link on the bottom of the article. Family /spousal support leads to more pain. I am so Tired of this. Can I say it again- this has got to stop. Freud is DEAD!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is meant by complimentary and alternative medicine?

Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies

The Healing Journey Program

If Distance Healing Works So Well, Why Don't Insurance Company Pain Programs Hire Pastors Instead Of Psychologists? They Would Save Lots Of Money...



Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mechanisms underlying the synergistic effect of Th1 cytokines on RANTES chemokine production by human glial cells.

Th1/Th2 cytokine patterns and clinical profiles during and after pregnancy in women with multiple sclerosis

Benign Tumours and Benign Chronic Pain


Yeah- this is pretty much what I would have liked to have written about chronic nerve compression due to scar tissue. Maybe I can incorporate this somehow.

The Lottery- WE WON!!!!

The Lottery--Shirley Jackson

This is a creepy little tale about a village that does the same bizarre thing over and over again- a sick twisted tradition of sorts- and it always comes as a surprise to the persons picked to "win" that their number has come up.

Kind of like insurance company shenanigans. I remember reading a story- a true one- about a WCB employee injured on the job. Hmm..... I wonder what happened to him. Well, of course he was covered by that insurance company. Like most insurance companies, its mandate is to DENY DENY DENY- even to theior OWN injured workers. That the man sustained a brain injury while on WCB time, and was a respected employee did not do him any favours. In fact, it made it worse. Yeah- kind of like the Lottery in this story. So, to all those people that work for these types of companies----it may seem unbelievable that they could turn on you- but honestly and truly you should take the little moral of this story and think about it a bit. And then give your head a bit of a shake- and then go back to your little jobs that deny deny deny and hope that you never have to go through this- because if you do you will be like EVERYONE else that went through the system before you, and....well... read the story to see how you will be reacting.

I wonder what would happen if an injured person lived with a spouse working for the insurance company? Would that marriage survive? It would be interesting to find out if this has ever happened before and what the result was.....

Promiscuous drugs compared to selective drugs (promiscuity can be a virtue)

Promiscuous drugs compared to selective drugs (promiscuity can be a virtue)

WHo knew drugs could be promiscuous? This article explains the various pathways some of the new drugs target, their strengths and their pitfalls, and some drugs in the pipeline.