Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cells That Read Minds - New York Times

Cells That Read Minds - New York Times

I wrote in Cosmic Variance that morality is a function of biology. Here is an excellent article on mirror neurons and the role they play in allowing us to imiate and plan behaviours based on the actions and responses of others in our kin group.

Is morality static. No. Are religions static- no. So why do uber religious people seem to think that morality and religion are their domain, and that it is implacable? There are numerous examples of the Church changing its mind on moral and social issues. One is the participation of Black people in American society as free men. Up until this was turned over by court of law and by public opinion, black people were seen as inferior. Slaves were held in the bible, so it was accepted that this was okay to do- until public pressure changed it from an economic issue to an issue of self determination of all peoples in the land.

I am so out of my element discussing this, only because I have real life stuff on my mind. So I will leave this for now, and maybe return to this in depth at another time.


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