Monday, March 27, 2006

I Believe There Are Idiots Among Us... Sorry Alabama!!

Bob Larson Ministries

Okay- So I made my kid stay home tonite until I saw what was promised on Anderson Cooper. And what a great time it was. SOme IDIOT named Bob Larson who was casting out demons from people, for money in what looked like hotel banquet rooms.

According to this religious person, half of Americans are infested with demons. And the woman who they showed having her demon cast out had previously hosted demons in her person on three other occasions. Yeah- I remember these stories now. I was fourteen or fifteen, and we had some freakola come to our SCHOOL and talk to us about how he had been demon possessed, and now he wasn't. Then he got into the harrowing details- he had a double that everyone thought was him, he did drugs, he was part of a coven- yada yada yada. I don't think they sacrificed babies in his coven, but that was discussed as an option for witches to do on their way through life. As well, women were forced to have babies so that the witches and warlocks would have someone to sacrifice during the spring/summer/fall/winter solstices. (Apparently the Republicans want to do the same in a lot of the states- force women to have babies and then some of these babies born to poor women can just slowly starve to death, or go get blown up in some foreign country so that they can feed their families...)

Nasty of me, and I apologize.

Now back to the demon possession story. One of my family members actually believes this hooey. He also believes in aliens, ghosts and Creationism- but as I always say- to each his own. Oh, no, that would be someone else that says that- I just call him an idiot. Anywhoo, he went to this school many years after I went there, and wasn't exposed to most of the really far out stuff, so I have no idea why he buys this. He does, and he thinks that exorcism is a valuable tool.

Yeah- and I have a bridge to sell.

These are the same kind of folks that accused people all over the states and Canada of raping and sodomizing and murdering and torturing small children at daycares and such places. SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE it was called. They ruined peoples lives with their fervour, their stories of elaborate tunnels and rituals( )they manipulated children with questionable interviewing techniques, and people everywhere bought into this shit. (Geraldo Rivera fed the fire then, and I hope that Anderson Cooper doesn't follow in his footsteps.) Even then I thought it was a bit strange that no-one could actually corroborate with physical evidence that these horrible things had happened. But since the convenient excuse was that Satan was involved, it was inferred that Satan and his minions must have had the power to hide the evidence from mortal eyes. Yeah- about that bridge- could you take a wild leap please?

Now, I have no problem with people wanting to say that the Devil made them do it in the privacy of their own little bunch of idiots. That excuse is right up there with my dog eating my homework! I do have a problem that not only are religious Protestant fundamentalists taking this seriously, but now I hear the guys in Italy are doing the same- training more exorcists. Are the Muslims next? DO they have a similar belief? Is this what we will replace medicine and other rational human endeavours with- a belief in invisible battles being fought inside the bodies of people? Will we see a rise in people self diagonosing illness as demons? Will mental illness once again be stigmatized as being a result of being possessed?

Are we so stupid as a society that we have to believe in fairy tales of epic proportions in order to get through our days?

On another tangent- according to Wikepedia, Bob Larson has been married twice and as recently as the early 00's, he was embroiled in a romantic scandal or three, involving women he worked with. Is this what a man of GOD is supposed to behave like? Or is this what a clever, money hungry sociopathic personality does? Bends the rules of morality for himself, and then goes and preys upon the fears of others for monetary gain? The clip in Anderson Cooper said he wasn't making money, per se, but he was using what he collected to train other freaks of nature to perform exorcisms.

Yeah- that is one of the reasons I think that religion is misused and abused. It is also why I cannot abide gullible people. Or people that don't read more than church sanctioned materials.

Google this guy to see what other idiocy he is up to in the world. Check out his website. Read it and weep. The idiots are out n full force and I am reliving the 1980's. F*$ing Ay!!


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