Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Lottery- WE WON!!!!

The Lottery--Shirley Jackson

This is a creepy little tale about a village that does the same bizarre thing over and over again- a sick twisted tradition of sorts- and it always comes as a surprise to the persons picked to "win" that their number has come up.

Kind of like insurance company shenanigans. I remember reading a story- a true one- about a WCB employee injured on the job. Hmm..... I wonder what happened to him. Well, of course he was covered by that insurance company. Like most insurance companies, its mandate is to DENY DENY DENY- even to theior OWN injured workers. That the man sustained a brain injury while on WCB time, and was a respected employee did not do him any favours. In fact, it made it worse. Yeah- kind of like the Lottery in this story. So, to all those people that work for these types of companies----it may seem unbelievable that they could turn on you- but honestly and truly you should take the little moral of this story and think about it a bit. And then give your head a bit of a shake- and then go back to your little jobs that deny deny deny and hope that you never have to go through this- because if you do you will be like EVERYONE else that went through the system before you, and....well... read the story to see how you will be reacting.

I wonder what would happen if an injured person lived with a spouse working for the insurance company? Would that marriage survive? It would be interesting to find out if this has ever happened before and what the result was.....


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