Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I was so mad!!!!!

Fat Doctor: House

At Tuesday, February 28, 2006 11:59:55 AM, Anonymous said...
When doctors don't know the answers, we don't hesitate to imply the patient is not mentally sound, do we?

The worst thing a doctorr/medical system can tell a patient is that it is ALL IN THEIR HEAD. I read here some people saying that patients had secondary gains from illness- maybe you should go and look up what cytokines can do for how pain is interpreted in the brain. Of course though, you people are the experts- we are just the ones who have to live with uncertainty only to be told that we are somehow wanting our spouse to be ill because it fulfills some kind of sick need in us.



Unequivocally NOOOOOOOOOO!!

After being told that a relatives pain was not really real- it was a psychological problem- I set out to find out why fatigue and pain were twinned. I set out to find out what opiates did for pain. And I set out to prove that I wasn't REALLY a Sick and twisted F*&K that wanted this person ill for my gain.

Microglia and Astrocyte involvement, TNF IL1 IL6 cascades and other weird stuff happens when pain switches from ACUTE to CHRONIC.

Opiates essentially enflame glial response, meaning that more opiates are needed for the same effect on pain.

And if you look on PUBMED and look up all this stuff you can see that I am not a sick F**k, but I am right. Inflammation can set up a chain reaction i the body that is first manifested by depression and malaise----------obviously why we have stupid personality theories of disease in the world. Google the article SLACKER OR SICK with a reference to BARR in it, and also look up Watkins. Look up Remicades effect on RA and cytokine changes.

I am so angry. Livid. Why don't you people look at secondary losses- what happens when people are in chronic pain, have a chronic condition or become mentally ill. What do they LOSE??? Do you honestly think that anyone wants to lose their income self esteem and their sanity so they can sit on their ass and whistle dixie all day?

Maybe you guys need to live with a person in chronic pain for a while before you can get that this is no more a choice than having a truck fall from the sky and squish you. Except I think you wpould probably find a way to blame that on the patient as well from the sound of the comments here

Later on NHS BLOG DOC and the ME discussion:

pm | #


If you look up excercise and cytokines on the internet you will find out that excercise increases !L6 production. Since IL6 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that increases pain and dysfunction, then does it not stand to reason that if ME/CFS patients have a glial/cytokine mediated issue with their body then maybe that is why graded excercise programs don't work. AND>>>>>>

I am sick of psychological crap. Like I have said before treatment for other ORGANIC illness is not predicated on "playing the game" at the local pain clinic and psychotherapy.

Did I ever tell you that Freud is at the root of all of this idiocy and he needs to be replaced with a scientific version of illness.

When pro-inflammatory cytokines can cause malaise and fatigue- HOWEVER they are set off- maybe we should give them a bigger look and not just stick to the "psych" problems of disease.


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