Thursday, May 18, 2006

Please comment when you visit!!

I would love a comment and a link from anyone dropping in. This is such a good stress reliever for me. Comments make me smile.

I have not heard about my waitress job yet. I found out my job is not in jeopardy now, as there is not going to be a strike vote taken. (told you it wasn't my fault) I still need to secure a summer day job.

These things annoy me- but the places I visit after I follow a commenter help me see there is much more to life than my sorry ass problems that are probably a pain in the ass for you all to read.

I would even welcome any suggestions on what else I can do to ensure we get medical pension since workers insurance has said that the man is fit to work- even though in order to work he has to drug himself so he can't see straight or shake the brain fog.

My friend keeps saying hide a secret camera and tape our life and send it to the government. I so don't think anyone would actually go for that- therefore the secret- but even afterwards I think he would be a bit angry.


That's the sound of one mind finally snapping-------------------



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