Saturday, May 13, 2006

What You Believe- What Your Job Is

NEJM -- Editorial Independence and the Canadian Medical Association Journal

So this editor of CMAJ is fired because of his article about how hard it is for women to get Plan B because of pharmacists beliefs and because of bureaucracy. How crazy. A good friend tried to obtain Plan B recently and a pharmacist TURNED HER DOWN. Her religion didn't sanction the use of this drug. No effort was made to track down a pharmacist who would do her job. The woman was a bitch.

My friend was furious. She does not believe in abortion. Technically, Plan B is not an abortion. It may STOP a pregnancy from happening, but it does not remove anything from a womans body. When the condom broke, and my friend realized that she could be respoinsible for a life she did not plan, she went for Plan B. To have been denied a legal substance because of a pharmacists moral objections is unbelievable. I am sure the pharmacist judged my friend an irresponsible slut that did not deserve her expertise or time.
Did this pharmacist refuse to fill Viagra prescriptions for unmarried gentlemen of a certain age??? I hope so if she was so horrified by a 30 something ish woman having a condom accident.

I am not very cohesive right now. I must go and eat. I must do many things. Look for a third job to feed my family since workers insurance will not do the right thing. Clean my messy house. Plant some seeds. Clean the yard up. Put gas in the lawnmower. Find out why my microwave went kaput. Throw myself over the nearest bridge out of sheer frustration.................Hate stupid people who are so goddamned perfect that they figure they don't have to do their job.

Idiots and morons.


Blogger decrepitoldfool said...

Pharmacists do not refuse Viagra prescriptions for the same reason that animal-rights activists do not throw red paint onto the leather coats of bikers on their Harleys - they'd get their asses kicked. Instead, they exercise their high moral dudgeon on vulnerable women in crisis.

Then they can think of themselves as big freakin' humanitarian heroes. They probably brag about it at church, but they won't call it bragging; they'll call it a 'prayer request'.

Sun. May 14, 07:21:00 p.m. 2006  
Blogger Impatient Patient said...

DOF I laughed out loud!!! Derisory laughter because it is so exceptionally stupid, and so true. They would so get their asses kicked or get a letter from a lawyer or SOMETHING.

When this happened to my friend I was shocked. I was even more shocked that she didn't have a full blown tantrum in the store. Then I got to thinking that this is probably the plan- humiliate vulnerable women in a hurry who do not want to announce that they are preventing a pregnancy. If the discussion gets heated she will look like an RU486 user. A baby killer and all that.

Screw it. I want a prescription even though I don't need it just to see what would happen. I would go in with a pocket tape recorder and I would note how I was treated. Then I would raise hell.

12 years ago I had an IUD. I had a fundie doc who chastised me for having it because I was aborting fetuses. He did not deliver my last child because I refused to go to a person who picked and chose what parts of his job he would do based on his morality. Did that mean when I was unmarried and pregnant he was judging me unfit? Oh well- my progeny has surpassed her parents in smartness kindness and talent. Even despite her parents original unmarried state.

Have you ever read or seen The Handmaids Tale by Atwood. It is a chilling vision of the future- a future that is more and more likely to happen if we are not vigilant. I always considered myself on the please don't make me have an abortion conversation debate side of things because there are so many things that piss me off on either side. Plan B seems a sensible option to surgical abortion, and any kind of birth control is better than unplanned pregnancy. I am horrified that these options are or have been eroded by a fundie backed government.

I have no idea how to get back my power as a woman once it is usurped by men and women who believe that they have god sewn up in their back pocket.

Sun. May 14, 08:46:00 p.m. 2006  

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