Saturday, May 13, 2006

The original mad scientist- The Father of Medicine Books The original mad scientist:

"'All they can do,' Paracelsus wrote of the men he viewed as medical and surgical frauds and worse, 'is to gaze at piss.'"

And now we have the POO LADY Gillian McKeith and her propensity to look at poo in order to diagnose why you are fat. (Which, if you have no idea what you are watching while you are making supper, and all of a sudden this brown stuff comes into a clear tube, you start to retch uncontrollably and then haveno appetite left.) The people on her show are idiots- they eat too much and their poo has NO bearing on why they are sluggish. They are sluggish because they eat blobs of fat, too much white shit, and do not exercise. They need to get over their idiocy by working out and cutting out the crap, not by getting their poo checked and then going on some weirdo freaky diet. Gillian MCKeith is a very clever "sucker finder" and those suckers pay her lots to baby them and check their poo. Poo Lady indeed- full of shit she is.


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