Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Three Job Nite

Well I found out that I may not be working at my job as of Tuesday if things do not straighten out. I will have a job when the thing not straightened out gets straightened out- NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!!!!

I start my second job next week and I also applied for a third job. I also am applying for a summer day job.

This is what happens when the breadwinner of a family of five gets injured and cannot return to work. This is going to be a bit exhausting. I have a little left in my bank account, I just cashed out the family savings and I don't know what the hell to do next.

Never get hurt at work. Never go through worker's insurance with any hope that they will help to fix the problem OR pay for any longer than two years- and at a cut rate to boot. Do not expect that even the six month cushion, which we had, will be enough.

Do not expect government people to do their jobs. Do not expect the national disability pension fund that you have contributed to for YEARS to be the answer. You will wait for a long time to receive a reply.

Do not buy into "THE ALBERTA ADVANTAGE" if you are even a little bit outside the norms. If you are disabled by honest work expect nothing but grief.

What a pain in the ass this whole process has been.

I want my boring middle class life back please.


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