Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sneaky Silent Strep

Subversive strep bug strategy revealed

Having just glanced at this article, all I know is that strep throat is even nastier than I ever thought. One time when my son was younger, we had strep in our house for six months. I finally got rid of it by using throwaway plates and glasses, only using paper towels, and making bathtowels one use only, separating toothbrushes by putting them n different windowsills in the house and sterilizing every hard surface with straight bleach. It was terrible. Strep not onl causes sore throats, but heart infections and psychological symptoms- a sudden onset OCD that is resoved with antibiotics (PANDAS). It is a horrid bug.

A child I once worked with had OCD. He also had chronic strep. His behaviour would improve while on antibiotics, but would worsen with a subsequent recurrence. For the two years I was with him, he probably missed four months of program.

I do wish that someone would find out if CHRONIC strep behaves and evolves differently in the body than acute strep. I believe Tara at Aetiology had a recent post about how chronic and acute infections and genetic test results differ with bug- I just cannot remember which one, and am too lazy to find out......


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