Sunday, May 28, 2006

What Makes Happiness?

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Happiness Formula | Britain's happiness in decline

Read this -Check out the message thread on this..... Regarding Bibliotherapy for those with mental health issues....what do you do with a rape victim who is depressed? Ummmmmmmmmm -start reading.

I just looked up the Happpiness Formula link...

I am assuming, which might make an ass out of me- that his is what Happystance is talking about.

I cannot believe how stupid people are. Measuring and comparing happiness levels has got to be an exercise on futility.

Think about it- what is on the telly? Happy shows that celebrate the best and the brightest? Or shows that basically highlight the excesses of the spoiled and pampered, celebrate stupidity and ignorance, and tell people how to live their lives, get skinny thru poo testing and clean up their homes. ( I don't remember what the name is, but you exported two women cleaning FILTHY homes here top NA, and every single time i watch it I freak. Anyone who allows their homes to look like that deserves a good swift kick, not two fairy godmothers. )

If the tv is anything like here, then you have your occasional comedy and soap, along with the news, and yada yada yada...

While you are watching this you are either waiting to travel with kids to their events, or just came home from doing so. EIther way, after a long day you are exhausted and haried and are eating can't sleep because your mind is racing with tomorrows to do list, so on goes the tv and some guru is on that can save your (Life marriage weight kids) ad infinitum.

How many people here cook on a daily basis?

How many people read on a daily basis?

How many people tell their kids no when an activity comes up that you really are not willing or able to let them take part in?

How many people take their kids to the park if they don't let their kids out of the yard to play?

How many people have too many animals and other responsibilities.

How many people are afraid or don't believe in telling their boss NO when they are asking for yet another extension/favour whatever?

When was the last time you had sex and actually took time to enjoy it?
When was the last time you had sex period?

Go work in th nearest garden afor a few minutes a day.

When was the last time you and your kids had "free time" and simply did sweet bugger all? Without the televisions help?

Do you know the names of your kids friends, their parents, and where they live?? As a parent of a teenager do you phone the parents of your teens friends to make sure things are approved?

How often do you visit with friends and family? And enjoyed it? Or watched you sisters kid without expecting a favour in return?

Hve you really ever actually accepted your personality- are you a genuine curmudgeon stuck with the happiest of people? Well, unless you are an absolute ass, get over your want to be happier, and figure out what your strengths are and get on with your life.

A formula for happiness? No just common sense. If you want to be happy you cannot be so busy that the only time you take for yourself is telly time. You have to make room for sex and food and books or crafts or whatever turns your crank. You really ought to find a sense of humour. And occasionally telling kids that your life does not revolve around their desire to play on the extreme frisbee team is a good thing.

At my house there are no summer activities. From March until September I do not go out 4-6 times a week for hours to watch hockey. It is good. To me 18 hours a week half a year is enough fun. Some think I deprive the children. I tell them fine, you pay, you drive them and you put them to bed, and then they can do it. No-one has taken me up on that offer yet. Funny thing???

When was the last time you volunteered in order to make a difference?

I have a question? DO you think your Queen is HAPPY? Or does she do what she does despite her feelings? When did that become a bad thing? To soldier on and just do what needed to be done without a bunch of drama and need for happiness.


Professionals being the operative word.

Teachers should not teach happiness as the essential skill, but should teach step building. We have replaced many pedagogal tools that used to use linear models with Mind Maps and other crazy shit that encourages our mind to be lazy and not build in order. Maybe this is part of the problem too? We have raised kids to expect everything and earn nothing. Maybe we need to stop that.

Happiness is tupid- accepting reality is the best we can hope for.....



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