Monday, May 22, 2006

Ugly, But Effective. In the Pipeline:


Blogger John said...

You must be pretty happy with how your Oilers are doing against our little duckies!

Wed. May 24, 01:16:00 a.m. 2006  
Blogger Impatient Patient said...

Actually, I was so exhausted last night I fell asleep in the third period after the ducks started scoring. I woke up about 11 for a bit and had to ASK if we won. OOPS!! But my family (parents) was at the game and will be tomorrow nite.

Honestly I keep waiting to get kicked in the butt and lose in 7. That just seems to be what we do on occasion..........

Wed. May 24, 07:23:00 p.m. 2006  

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