Saturday, April 15, 2006

NEJM -- Access to the Scientific Literature -- A Difficult Balance

NEJM -- Access to the Scientific Literature -- A Difficult Balance

Please let us have open access. Please. It makes it much easier to do searches that are accurate and relevant when our loved one is ill. It helps us advocate for them and for ourselves. It is necessary to have up to date information that is trusted, because otherwise we get dirty looks and mumbles from our physicians when we say that we have information off the internet. If we could say we have information from such and such recognized journal it would be ever so helpful.

Look at how Salon sets up their website. We have to watch commercials to get free access. So we do. Lots and lots of commercials over the course of a year. I am sure there are some pharma companies that would sponsor ads for your open access site.

I cannot afford thousands of dollars for access to medical articles that may be relevant to a certain condition. I cannot even afford a day pass as such. But I can afford to take some time out of my day to watch a commercial.....


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