Saturday, April 15, 2006

American Theocracy | The Agonist

American Theocracy The Agonist
I love this comment because it summs up what is happening and what has been happening in a number of areas in life over the last few centuries. It is why MSM does not like the internet and bloggers, it is why doctors fear patient autonomy, and it is why religion gets all annoyed when it is questioned. If power and knowledge really are made available to the masses then the masses will be in control. Kind of like communism except not- DECENTRALIZATION is the key here.

So in my tiny corner of the world what does that mean?? Nothing really, except that there is a possibility that after a huge upheaval which will be painful, things may start to change. Or, conversely, those in power may hold onto power even more viciously and cause a million more needless problems. Either way it will be a wild ride.

Here is the quote:

........big business does not like Green Energy because of ownership. Currently big business owns enormous power plants, refineries, etc. These are extremely profitable. With green energy, there is a different ownership. The current investment big profitable power plants compete with a decentralized production system that is not owned by big business. The power grid becomes decentralized as power is produced close to the source of consumption. It is a nightmare scenario for the power generators, who remember, do not make Solar Cells or windmills.


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