Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Asthma and Glycopeptides (Ketek -Antibiotic)

Synthesis of Glycopeptides

Asthma research- For some reason Ketek prevents exacerbations of asthma in a small study. Ketek is a glycoprotien and here is a small article that examines what glycopeptides are and their roles in the body. This is something that I had no idea about. I did know that different antibiotics work in different ways and that that is why there are different classes of them. These are amazing drugs, and it is unfortunate that we are losing the battle against antibiotic resistance.


Blogger Clark Bartram said...

Unfortunately we will always be losing the battle against bacteria. There are just so many of the little buggers thus so many opportunities to mutate into a resistent version. As a pediatrician, I'm a complete prude when it comes to giving up antibiotics. The way that my colleagues give out the stuff like candy on Halloween(do they have that in Canada) sickens me.

Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. On a more recent post I referenced your favorite movie with a shout out to iocane powder.

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