Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Is All The "Crazy Stuff" In Bold?

Dr. David B. Adams - Somatoform Disorders and´┐Ż "RSD"

So, we don't know what causes RSD but the psychological BS is highlighted bold, while the other explanations are not? The concept of somatization has been around for 4000 or so years, and used to be called hysteria, so since we don't know WHY pain becomes chronic we just go with the old "earth is flat" type of theory. What arrogance and laziness all wrapped up together and labelled as science. The science of psychology. I hope there is a hell and that there is a space reserved for people who called other people liars because they were too lazy to look for a scientific explanation. Hopefully these people will have an existance that leaves them in chronic never-ending excruciating pain without any narcotics, because they just feed addiction and add to their feelings of specialness, and then I hope that they are called liars and malingerers for an endless eternity. MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


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