Thursday, February 02, 2006

Even With An Infection the Patient Still Gets Told They Are Faking

Factitious Physical Disorders, Litigation, and Mortality -- Eisendrath and McNiel 45 (4): 350 -- Psychosomatics

Wow- Bacterial infections leading to septicemia and the patient CHOSE this?

Ms. D was a 42-year-old single white woman who had worked as a pharmacy technician. She had a 17-year history of cellulitis in different extremities of her body. For 12 years she had a wound in her left anterior thigh that failed to heal, despite numerous debridements and antibiotic trials. After this, she developed a similar lesion in her right thigh. Although she was able to work intermittently, her time spent in the hospital progressively increased as the years went on. She refused psychiatric treatment, saying that she did not trust psychiatrists because of negative experiences in the past.

During her last hospitalization, she was admitted with new evidence of infection with polymicrobial organisms, including a gram-negative organism, in her right thigh wound. Shortly after admission, she went into septic shock and died despite rigorous treatment. Her family continued a lawsuit that they had encouraged her to initiate before her death, claiming that several of her doctors had treated her inadequately and caused her problems. After her death, a settlement was reached based in part on the argument that her septicemia had been inadequately treated.

I would love to see how the person who wrote this piece of crap would feel if he had a big ass tumour that just kept coming back. Maybe he would see the stupidity of his argument. I doubt it. What an absolute amazing load of bunk. I have no respect for people who dismiss a biological disease as a figment of imagination or a tool with which to manipulate others. Creating heart attacks is one thing- that would be a "self Munchhausen " behaviour, that ought to be treated psychiatrically, but organic disease as a way to get attention- F*&K you and the horse you rode in on. And may the pox be on you- I believe that is a curse from earlier times.

Maybe the bird flu is a psychological construct too?

I hate the world some days.


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