Wednesday, February 01, 2006

PLACEBOS:There are many conditions in which ritual is irrelevant when compared with drugs, such as in treatment of a bacterial infection,"

All placebos not created alike

Placebos will not work for bacterial infections, and so will probably not work for other things like cancer and heart disease, and things that the medical community deems "real" organic disease. Apparently chronic arm pain does not deserve to be treated with real science, but this crappy stuff that passes for science.

The results also provided evidence that what doctors tell patients about side effects directly influences their experience of them. Prior to participating in the study, doctors provided informed consent forms alerting the patients as to the side effects they might experience: temporary soreness for acupuncture and fatigue and dry-mouth for the pills. Of those receiving placebos, 25 percent of sham acupuncture and 31 percent of placebo pill patients reported experiencing the very side effects suggested to them even when nothing was administered to cause them.

It almost sounds like there is a bit of a push toward NOT telling side effects to patients because then they might have them Screw that. If there are side effects, they better be told to me, because whether I have them or not, I would like to know if what I may experience negatively is important. Do NOT "dr. knows best" me EVER!

I wonder if these patients have had their pro-inflammatory cytokine levels checked lately? That is something that might be able to tell researchers if there is a problem- in rat studies anyways. Have there been any people studies done? I will have to look.

I hate alternative medicine.


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