Monday, February 06, 2006

How Quacks Want to Make Their Case To Insurance Companies and YOU

Politics of Respons., BF, Etc.: "reductionist"

This Is From The Word's Number One Biofeedback Site

You can educate the professionals around you. Don’t worry about the anals who religiously demand double
blind studies, the negatives, the fundamentalists. Expect that 25%-30% of the people on this planet are afraid of change
or have vested interests in keeping things the way they are. The rest of the people either don’t care or will be
happy to hear your message. And since, as we know, only about five or ten percent of the population really
makes anything happen, you just need to connect with those people.

-Allow yourself to make a good living but also do service-- pro-bono work with people who can’t afford the fees
you must charge because insurance doesn’t reimburse. The good you do will come back to you manyfold.

-Get involved with AAPB’s advocacy plans-- legislative, PR, insurance.

-get involved in building a model, a vision, a plan for a new approach.

- Get your clients to become aware of the issues. Teach them to think about health responsibility and to see
what insurance and managed care is doing. They are the choir. They are ready to hear it. This is how we
get a grassroots support network going.

-Let’s put together a document-- a statement which expresses the goals and positions we agree upon.

-contact your legislators.


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