Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Hidden Persuaders- Advertising and Medicine

NHS Blog Doctor: The Hidden Persuaders

Maybe Ralph Klein can hire a few of these ad companies to convince Albertans that we need private health care, that we WANT private health care, and we will just DIE if we don't have it....

Reading this gentlemans blog, I am not sure what he thinks about privatization and medicare, but he does make a comment in one of his other entries that private insurers SKIM the best patients- the least ill- and leave the dregs to the public system, which is an unfair burden on a group that is beseiged by a bunch of bureaucrats, and who have very little recourse but to do their best in a system that denies care.

Waiting lists- find the blog on his site as to how the government manages waiting list optics. That goes like this- the wait list is two months long on paper, but you don't get put on the wait list until the numbers go down- which can be MONTHS!!!

Very confusing read for me as I cannot believe how stupid a system it is. I wonder if that will happen here in Canada, now that we have wit list mandates being looked at?


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