Friday, January 20, 2006

Excercise Vs "Thinking Pain Away" for Back Pain

Well.... I am reading all forty pages of this study for sh*ts and giggles, mostly because I am truly tired of hearing that pain can be cured by the mind. So I read the exclusions for the study, and found out that pretty much anything that is diagnosed, like sciatic nerve root involvement, and stuff that can be found on x-ray or MRI are excluded. Great!! this is just about chronic non-specific back pain.

The problem is, unless you have read the study, the exclusions don't show up. The news reports don't mention them. SO if you go to pain clinic X with a diagnosed entrapped nerve- they may tell you this study out of Europe says that you can think back pain away. If you don't think it away, you will be labelled a bad patient, and that will be another chronic pain in the ass, as every other doctor or medical person will now read that you are not very good because you still have pain, even though the blowing the pain bubble and popping it technique has been taught to you.

So- this too will be misused, just like the prayer studies that purport that prayer is efficacious, and the Rolfing studies, and the whatever else studies that are just plain stupid and a waste of paper and time. But that is okay.

Everyone has an agenda- I would love to know what this particular groups is.

Mine is to prove that back pain does have an organic cause, because I am sick of hearing that secondary gain and laziness and sh*t like that are the only causes. I am tired of my life being completely screwed over because of a corrupt system that allows doctors to get paid to lie. That is essentially what happens. I am angry that my kids are growing up with a parent in pain. I am tired of people having the right to question why I am upset- because MY dreams were shattered too, the day that Life decided to crap on "the Man's" head.

Please don't ever tell me that a guy who worked 12 hour days and enjoyed it ever wishes to be confined to the house. Please don't tell me he is fit to work when an hour of light housework takes him out for two weeks. Please don't tell me that he is faking or addicted to the drugs he is on. I have tried to suggest alternatives and have been shot down every time. Too expensive, too whatever-so bite me!!

I just want "the Man" fixed dammit!! I want him healed. I don't apologize for this, or for my anger. I am sick of this half a life shit. I am sick of being afraid that we can't make the bills. I am sick of my kids being worried. I am sick of school fees, and gas bills, and the car breaking down. SICK SICK SICK! SICK!!!!!


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