Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Parvovirus and Lupus?


The debate about how a disease is started can be fierce. One only has to think back to H. Pylori and ulcers, or OCD in children being triggered by Strep infection. At Bedside there is a blurb about lupus and parvovirus. I am beginning to believe that there are many diseases cause by bugs that we attribute to psychological factors, and I do hope I am proved right as I am PISSED when I hear that people "choose" to be ill. As far as I am concerned that is the stupidest way to look at illness ever.

The New Germ Theory of Disease is a theory that says that many things we attribute to other factors are caused by microorganisms we either haven't identified or are so endemic that we have possibly overlooked them as a cause as MOST people don't have the odd reaction to the bug. Well, I can attest that my teenage child had a vaccine reaction that only one in 200000 -400000 people get, and not only were doctors unprepared, but they disbelieved me until she reacted to their allergy tests. I felt like I was being judged as an attention seeker because of this. It was not good. I also would like to know how they think I could convince a teen that never goes to the doctor to go along with a charade. I am not a Munchausen's Mother by any stretch of the imagination. I am the lady that tells a kid with a sore back from a hockey hit to "suck it up" because I don't want to bother the doctor with a minor problem that can be iced and rested.

Maybe things we think of as "diseases of will" may one day be proven to have a physiological basis. I hope this is so!


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