Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Doctor's Who Think Should Be Paid

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There is an excellent post on how patients who have been misdiagnosed at one point or another, and have been told it is in their heads have benefited from a physician who put the pieces together. Robert Centor is an example of why we should pay doctors properly. If we don't there will be an overage of dermatologists and a shortage of generalists. Unless all diseases can be cured by tetracycline, botox and plastic surgery we will be hooped.

I do not know what the solution is to physician payment, but it seems to me that whether you live in Canada or the States physicians are concerned about how much time they can spend with patients, and how much they receive in payment for their services. Medical costs are rising for all in North America, but I think that insurance, pharmaceuticals and office costs- like heat and electricity- are all factors in these rising costs, as are bureaucracies. Whether private or public, the hellholes suck every penny they can out of doctors everywhere. Malpractice suits are another cost of doing business. Not as much in Canada, but for sure in America. What are the solutions??

Evidence based medicine versus a caring clinician- I know that I would want someone who cared that could show me the what was wrong and how to manage/cure/fix what ailed me.

I am wondering though- do I really care if they care, or do I just want them to care about doing the best job they can do? Kind of like House on Fox. I don't want a best friend, but a competent clinician....

I ahve written way too much... read the post yourself.


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