Tuesday, July 18, 2006

nrc.nl - Buitenland - �... stop doing this shit, and it�s over�

nrc.nl - Buitenland - �... stop doing this shit, and it�s over�: "�... stop doing this shit, and it�s over�

Dankzij een openstaande microfoon luisterde de wereld gisteren mee hoe Tony Blair en George W. Bush onderling de toestand in de wereld doornamen.
Bush: Yo, Blair. How are you doing?
Blair: I�m just...
Bush: You�re leaving?
Blair: No, no, no not yet. On this trade thingy...(onverstaanbaar)
Bush: Yeah, I told that to the man.
Blair: Are you planning to say that here or not?
Bush: If you want me to.
Blair: Well, it�s just that if the discussion arises...
Bush: I just want some movement.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: Yesterday we didn�t see much movement.
Blair: No, no, it may be that it�s not, it may be that it�s impossible.
Bush: I am prepared to say it.
Blair: But it�s just I think what we need to be an opposition...
Bush: Who is introducing the trade?
Blair: Angela
Bush: Tell her to call �em.
Blair: Yes.
Bush: Tell her to put him on, them on the spot. Thanks for the sweater it�s awfully thoughtful of you.
Blair: It�s a pleasure.
Bush: I know you picked it out yourself.
Blair: Oh, absolutely, in fact (onverstaanbaar)
Bush: What about Kofi? That seems odd. Well, I don�t like the sequence of it. His attitude is basically ceasefire and everything else happens. But you know what I�m saying.
Blair: Yeah, no I think the (onverstaanbaar) is really difficult. We can�t stop this unless you get this international business agreed.
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: I don�t know what you guys have talked about, but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is, but you need that done quickly because otherw"


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