Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Med Extra- Maybe I Need To Contact These People

Canadian Health Matters

Okay- so here is a company that charges money but may get the job done. They facilitate acess to Canadian and US physicians for a fee and a wide range of illnesses are covered. SO maybe scar tissue entrapping a nerve may have a real soloution. Maybe hubby could start living again rather than just existing. Maybe I could get above the freaking POVERTY LINE........................

I wonder what the insurance company would think IF I paid for this, got some valid treatment info and then forwarded them the bill and the treatment options???

For 500 bucks I could do this. My problem? I have no proverbial pot to piss in at this point. I can't pay up front. And this makes me annoyed.

Hmm??? Does anyone want to buy a kidney? JOKING!!!!!!

Sick twisted dark humour is needed to cut this feeling of not being able to breathe because I feel like I am drowning.

Relaxing and breathing now.


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