Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coley's Toxins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coley's Toxins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am reading COMMOTION IN THE BLOOD and wonder if this really did work. It is kind of like fighting fire with fire, and I guess it is still used in Germany.

There is also a bit on here about how glucose is eaten quickly by cancer tumours and I remember reading a while back about a scan that is being developed to "read" where there are bunches of glucose in the body. Where it is- the cancer is. I wonder if this is why brain cancer is so deadly, since the brain is a glucose factory- again something I just found out. In fact, they are positing that Alzheimers is actually Type 3 Diabetes. Remember- I am speaking in NON SCIENTIST language, because I am not a scientist. So if you want to know more- look it up like I have to. I may be linking things wrong and making incorrect assumptions, but know that I will snoop and see if this is sensible.


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