Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Aon -Consulting- or Confounding and Costly

Managed Care Matters

What does this mean for you?
Do not hire consultants because they have a big name or for any reason other than they know a lot, have different ideas, are willing to learn a lot about your business, and are committed to your success. Grill them thoroughly, and beware of platitudes, generalities, and barely covered ignorance

Yes- Here in Ralph's Former World- the mighty have had an bit of a butt kicking- our dear health minister decided to contract out the Third Way investigations to Aon. Now it came out last fall that Aon had a bit of an image problem and was in a spot of trouble for some fraud allegations . This was a bit of an issue for some. Understandably so, since companies that consult obviously want to make money- they are looking to get into the market. If there are already image problems some people (namely Henry and Martha) might not like to go with the unknown. They may decide to keep what they already have.

Anyways, and anywhoo- it is a bit interesting to see what Mr. P has to say about Aons proprietary software and his warning that before you pay money you should understand what you are buying.


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