Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The largely unsubstantiated attacks, focused on the entire complementary and alternative healthcare industry, typically originate from just three cent

Cancer: A Controversial Subject - Why Should Dealing With Cancer Be So Controversial?

Well, it should be controversial because that is the nature of scientific inquiry. It needs to be proven with some real study published in a real journal with people who know the field making judgments on data, not anecdotes. The prayer studies, the reiki studies, the relaxation studies all pretty much have disproven the claims that the supporters of these healing methods are disseminating. The parents of children with special needs that are being fleeced by people who are not scientists should have as much good science as they can read available. Those who are sick need to know that they are getting what they are paying for. No-one should have to pay thousands of dollars in Canada for "hope".

Ah well, these are persecuted people who are absulutely sure of their method, and do not have time for naysayers....

I just wish that ALL of those who were into alternative stuff would see the wisdom of the next sentence...

There is never any win in answering negative press with more negative energy. Unfortunately in the media, you are quite often guilty until proven innocent. As a patient, you need to make your health care decisions based on reasonable scientific and clinical evidence instead of being told what to do by special interest groups. The intent of this web section is to leave you with the facts, so that you can make your own balanced decisions about about your own health care. (from the above links web site)


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