Thursday, February 23, 2006

What do words REALLy mean? Is The Word Compliance Compatible With The Concept of Partnership

Definitions: Persuasion, Compliance, Propaganda, Brain Washing, & Social Psychology

com·pli·ance (kəm-plī'əns)

The act of complying with a wish, request, or demand; acquiescence.
Medicine. Willingness to follow a prescribed course of treatment.
A disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others.

(The American Heritage Dictionary Online)

The argument over the word compliance is one I would like to start. Here are some definitions of compliance, persuasion and brainwashing. The thing that amazes me is that no-one seems to see that compliance means FOLLOWING, not WALKING WITH. If medicine is truly to be practiced as a partnership, we must not only change the language we use in regards to patient's adhering to treatment directions, we must also persuasively change ATTITUDES. Compliance is a top down concept, partnership is not.

Thought control truly represents the dark side of social influence, as it combines compliance, persuasion, and propaganda tactics into a powerfully insidious form of coercive manipulation that robs an individual of his original identity and replaces it with another that the individual would not have freely chosen of his own accord. Thought control requires isolation of the individual from his normal social references, and is therefore best accomplished in a separatist group such as a cult

The reason I bring this out of the original link is that compliance or the willingness to bend your will, are incredibly important aspects of Pain Management Clinics and Insurance Company Multi-Disciplinary Centres. While in their charge you give up the right to privacy- everything you say or do from the moment you enter their parking lot can and is recorded. Notes are kept on you that many people can access. They can choose to not release certain notes to you if they deem them not in their best interest to do so. The programs are essentially meaningless repetitions- the same relaxation tape, the same picking up, placing and putting down of half filled mild jugs and crates, the same recycled lectures about opioids, stress, and The Gate Control Theory of Pain. The same people are there year to year. There is a "mental health ward" aspect to the program , as people are expected to do arts and crafts activities in certain situations- burnt leather belts, tole painting boxes, and making leather wallets. This is for Occupational Therapy. Excercise Therapy is about as real as it gets. The staff emphasize over and over again that it is your personal responsibility to participate and comply with the program for your own good. If you are put in this program and do not comply your benefits can be cut. I have heard people chastised for not participating, even though they are not able to walk five steps without pain. "If its got to be its up to me" posters permeate the place.

The "treatments" offered are alternative, at best. In some cases they are off the lunacy charts. Medical treatment is often "not indicated" as the cause for this pain is usually defined as a combination of lifestyle factors. You are told that your mental, spiritual, social and work factors influence your pain to a far greater degree than they actually do. You crawl on the floor, roll on your belly, swat at inanimate objects, and basically engage in humiliating tasks to prove that you are in pain- and then they say this is normal. No- normal was yesterday, when the pain was only a 4. The day after this assessment, it is at a 7 and climbing.

You are told to wait- but when they want you to appear, you are expected at your beck and call. If phone calls ae not returned within a very short window, you are told this will be reported to your caseworker- because you are being non-compliant. You are expected to attend whenever and whatever course, meeting, doctors appointment etcetera without complaint, and if you do complain it is marked down.

Statistics become meaningless as they are moved around to prove whatever point is politically correct. Are you working three months after you were in this program? Even one day will make it look like their program works more effectively than it does. Does it matter that the only places hiring are hiring at a third of your former wage- no- a job- any job- counts towards their numbers.

When I find it, I will post a link to an insurance company link to a pat on the back for their particular program's effectiveness.....

And I sign off for now, vibrating at how pissed off and angry I am reliving the humiliation- which isn't even mine. It is a secondhand experience, as I still have a job and I have no pain, but my husband does not.


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