Monday, August 07, 2006

Blogthings - The Five Factor Values Test

Blogthings - The Five Factor Values Test: "

Your Values Profile


You don't really value loyalty.

In your opinion, friendship should be earned.

If you don't agree with someone, it doesn't matter how close you are.

You'll let them (and everyone else know) exactly what you think.


You don't really value honesty.

You do value getting your way, no matter what.

And if a little lying is required to do that, no problem.

A few white lies never hurt anyone (at least, that's what you tell yourself!)


You value generosity a fair amount.

You are all about giving, as long as there's some give and take.

Supportive and kind, you don't mind helping out a friend in need.

But you know when you've given too much. You have no problem saying 'no'!

br />"Humility:

You value humility a fair amount.

You tend to be an easy going, humble person.Humility:

You value humility a fair amount.
You tend to be an easy going, humble person.
But occasionally your ego takes over.
You have a slight competitive streak - and the need to be the best.


You value tolerance highly.
Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you...
You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.
You think there are many truths in life, and you're open to many of them.



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