Sunday, February 12, 2006

THEOBIOLOGY- More scientists religious....

Science & Theology News - Spirituality soars among scientists, study says

Ecklund said the scientists she surveyed are “the people who are really creating a lot of the knowledge that goes out about science and social science, public policy kinds of issues.” She presented her initial research at the annual meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion in August.

Ecklund used indicators such as attendance at religious services to measure levels of religiosity; indicators like participation yoga, meditation, scripture reading and prayer were used to measure spirituality.

More than half of scientists in all disciplines identified themselves as spiritual to some degree, although not necessarily affiliated with a specific religion.

So read it and weep- THESE are the people that decide that the psychoneuroimmunology/psuedoscience/study of HOPE kind of shit permeates the policy making and trumps scientific explanations for models of pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and probably the effects of being struck by lightning, too. I am in no mood to be kind today- I am furious that this has taken over ANY part of helath and science policy.

Now we have a new term- THEOBIOLOGY - which is explained here:

“If sociologists who are dealing with whole populations leave out the religious or theological side, then they are looking at a more barren, less warm, less sanguine situation. They are not getting perhaps the full idea of what it means to be caring for humanity, caring for others,” she said. Rayburn said she believes there is an essential interplay between the social sciences and the observable world, a theory she called “theobiology.”

What is next- we have The Hope Foundation of Alberta, Psychoneurimmunology, abd now theobiology, which are a bunch of people saying that bugs and environmental factors are just a PART of the disease process, but really, if we just THOUGHT better we would GET better.

If you can take it, have a look around this site- and remember that post on CONSENSUS? WELL apparently Scientists at Harvard have failed to reach a consensus as to why we are here- accident or plan?


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