Saturday, February 25, 2006

Circadian Rhythms in Shift Workers and Diabetes

Circadian Rhythms in Shift Workers and Diabetes

Since I asked at another blog about the effects of prolonged shiftwork on autoimmune diseases, I thought I would investigate a bit more. I knew about cancer incidences being higher in nurses who worked shiftwork, and Aetiology has a great post called "Are Female Night Owls Screwed" which had me asking some questions, especially about Omega 3 and its effect on cancer. Orac at the old Respectful Insolence site had a post about flax muffins and breast cancer.

And the beat goes on....I just wish that companies and insurance companies would realize that 24/7 availability of staff costs them money in the long run. Screwing with things that are biologically defined does have consequences. And working nights for 18 years can be deadly......


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