Friday, October 13, 2006

the chutry experiment: Jesus Camp

the chutry experiment: Jesus Camp: ""

Seeing Red, the Movie - A Journey Through the Moral Divide

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 | Link probed between eating meat, C. difficile | Link probed between eating meat, C. difficile:

"'What does ingesting a few C. diff spores mean to a person? That's completely unclear,'' Weese said."

Ummm... IMHO it depends on their immune system, their antibiotic use previously in the last year, and the state of their gut flora. All things we usually don't think about when we are shopping for pork chops and hamburger.

I wonder if this is not a clue as to the origins of some colitis that just seems to happen spontaneously? That would be nice, as usually those people go through hell to get diagnosed when they get it, and then have to endure a million indignities, including the annoying - you need to calm down. This is all in your head bull poopy. Maybe real bull poopy caused this.

And- this SHOULD be a reportable disease. Everywhere. All the time. In every single instance. Wait until it is too late and this bug is going to take a lot of healthy people, including health care workers, right out.

I don't wanna DIE!!! | Top Stories | Health | Remember SARS? C. difficile may be worse

Low blood pressure, anemia nad wicked diarrhea.....

Still have anemia. Wish that every time I had diarrhea I was not afraid. Am terrified of taking antibiotics- what if I get pneumonia though? These are pretty scary things.

Now they have found C diff in the food chain- from cows that we eat. C Diff is a spore- so either cooking would make it explode, or it would not touch the spore.

I am a little bit worried. Community acquired C Diff is a bit scary.

Even more scary than getting it at the hospital.